From The Armchair: So Long, Kinect


Armchair What ho, chums.

Well, what an exciting week it’s been in the world o’ gaming. For a start it’s been an absolute rollercoaster ride for Nintendo: first they announced another loss on the back of dismal Wii U sales, then everyone got excited about the reveal of Skylanders-style figurines based on Mario and his ilk, then it all went horribly tits up when Nintendo of America decided to retreat into the 1970s in regards to gay relationships in Tomodachi Life (a story that even made BBC News, and which I intend to explore a bit further in a later post) and, finally, the company ended the week with a bit of good news thanks to the ecstatic reviews of Mario Kart 8 (which even got a rare perfect 10 from Eurogamer). Phew, what a time to be alive.

But despite all of the excitement in the Nintendo camp, it’s…

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