10 Dark ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes

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The two-part season finale for the current Doctor Who run has caused a bit of controversy. Being thematically centred around a character grieving over the sudden, violent death of a loved one it has brought some confronting ideas into our living rooms, and some disturbing fantasy aspects including the souls of the dead being able to feel their bodies being cremated. Some has criticised the the inclusion of these concepts in what is generally considered a family friendly show. We’re not hear to judge this episode of those opinions, but remind everyone that this isn’t the first time the Time Lord has taken us down a dark path.

Wilfred Mott – ‘The End of Time’

Doctor Who 50 – The End of Time

Not that Wilfred is a dark character – everyone loves the kooky old grandpa of companion Donna Noble. But on occasion Wilfred presented a window in the recent past of humanity and it wasn’t always…

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