The 10 Scariest Monsters of ‘The Twilight Zone’

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In 1959, television legend Rod Serling submitted for the audience’s approval a television show which was unlike anything else on the tube at the time and would influence the entire television medium for decades to come, The Twilight Zone. For five seasons viewers were terrified by a menagerie of monsters and villains which not only gave them nightmares but also gave them things to think about. Often eschewing the stuntmen in outlandish costumes of the other genre shows of the time, Serling and company created creatures who were all too familiar to many viewers. In honor of this groundbreaking show, let’s take a look at the most frightening creations who inhabit the realm of TV, with the 10 scariest monster of The Twilight Zone.


1. Anthony (It’s a Good Life): We all know that spoiled children who are given everything they want, often turn out to be…

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