Movie of the Week: The Imitation Game

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What an amazing movie! All the buzz, and Oscar’s nominations, for the Alan Turing life based movie adaptation, The Imitation Game, are justified. There might be SPOILERS.


The story is by now not news to anyone, Turing was the father of theoretical computer sciences and his scientific leap helped the allies win WWII. A few years after that he was arrested and convicted for homosexual acts and he chose chemical castration to prison, eventually committing suicide with only 41 years of age (though that is debatable).

The cast is altogether amazing, but Benedict is beyond marvelous – it’s no wonder that he’s nominated for the Oscar for Best Actor (though having just watched The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne is sublime…). There’s one particular scene towards the end that just broke my heart in a million pieces and made me admire Cumberbatch even more than I already did (and…

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