Weekend Reading



The (completely wonderful) Austin based small press, A Strange Object, launched their online magazine (Covered With Fur) this week!!! This is very exciting news. Check out their fiction, Are You Running Away?, by Bess Winter, and their not-fiction, Dear Albert, Dear Allison, by Ander Monson,in this week’s issue.

Alia Volz’s essay, In Any Light, is about a childhood spent longing for a relationship with her (psychologically/sometimes physically/mostly mentally) distant father, Firefeather. In Tinhouse.

Rachel McKibben’s poem, Seducing the Magicianin La Petite Zine. I believe this is from 2011.

MidnightBreakfast is amazing. The short story, Ethel Chu Walks Through the Valley of Oreos,  by Randall Jong, is about familial relationships, relationships with food, and hallucinogenic fantasies of robbing the oreo factory of all the highest quality oreos.

In case you’ve been wondering about the proper way to interview a female writer, Beulah Maud Devaney…

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