Album Review: “Iron Maiden” Iron Maiden

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Wow what a great band!  Iron Maiden’s debut album “Iron Maiden,” hits the ceiling of the heavy metal community with richness in music.  With the high power chords that Iron Maiden is especially known for, their music would become one of the greatest to hear.  With the 35th anniversary release of this album hitting hard now,  the group has achieved success with this album.  “Prowler” and “Sanctuary” are one of a few songs proven that Iron Maiden can rock out.  Guitarist Dave Murray musically stays on top providing the solos that go with typical Maiden songs.  The self titled “Iron Maiden” track is the most enjoyable tune that many hardcore fans will enjoy.  Sitting down and putting on the headphone to embrace the fast power chords and chromatic notes played at a high tempo.  This album undoubtedly is one of Iron Maiden’s creative avenues. [A-]

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