Bloodsport – futuristic sports are inadvertent commentary on human frailty


MLFMutant League Football eh, yeah, that old chestnut.  You know the one that everyone talks about seemingly every five minutes, pining for its return, practically begging to take to the field as a mutant with tracks instead of feet?  Yeah, well it was one of seemingly hundreds of ‘fantasy’ sports video games that took a shotgun to the sports we know and love, blew their brains out, and left them covered in blood and more extreme than ever before.  And we loved it, so much so in fact that I’d hazard a guess that anyone over the age of 25 has a special little place in their heart for at least one of those virtual bloodsports, Mutant League Football or otherwise.  Extreme violence was the next evolution of sports in the 90’s and we lapped it up.

I would’ve been about five years old when I first got my taste…

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