How consumers are to blame for market failures in the games industry

A Most Agreeable Pastime

Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars

The way consumers act you’d think the big publishers of the video gaming world have landed on Mayfair and Park Lane and stacked them high with as many hotels as the properties would allow, that they’ve landed on them, and they’ve had to mortgage their rubbish buildingless Old Kent Road to pay the rent.  The way consumers act you’d think that the games industry is one enormous monopoly board ready to eat their pay cheque the moment they pass go.

And it’s absolute rubbish.

Coming off a year that the internet sensationally decried as one of the worst the industry has seen, it’s pretty hard to see through the facade that is put up by the press and the players, one that paints the big developers and publishers as sharp-toothed monopolists seek super profits by taking advantage of their market position…

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