Life-hacks from Bill Nye, a letter to Mom on the universe, and a graphic novel from the “Aristotle of Comics”

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Bill-Nye-TED-Talk-CTAThe TED community has been busy in the past week. Below, a few TEDsters with news to share.

Bill Nye’s life hacks. Bill Nye, aka the Science Guy, has shared his best advice with Lifehacker. He reveals the mantra he uses in distilling scientific concepts: “Discuss, argue, analyze and think through exactly what you want the listener, viewer, or student to get … Then, be very disciplined in the words you use to tell a story.” And also, how to poach an egg — turns out, adding white vinegar is his secret. Who would have thought? Then again, are you really surprised that the science guy would know a trick like that? (Watch Bill’s TED-Ed lesson, “Sending  a sundial to Mars.”)

A new kind of implant. Implants for the nervous system often run into a big problem: the human body is soft and flexible, but…

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