Exclusive Interview: John Safran

Funk's House of Geekery

This week we were fortunate enough to sit down with John Safran, documentarian and author of Murder in Mississippi (God’ll Cut You Down in America), which we reviewed right here, to talk about why he goes to extremes, solving crime and why he’s fascinated by ethnic issues. 

John Safran is in Perth this week for the Fringe World festival (of which we are not affiliated) performing live shows this weekend, including an extra show just added on Sunday to meet demand. Best grab your tickets soon!

As always, you can enjoy the audio (which is recommended) or read the transcript below.

HoG Safran 2

G-Funk: Today we’re meeting with John Safran. Many of our readers are in the US so they may not have a strong frame of reference for you are and what you do, so to start us off: who is John Safran?

John Safran: People would know me as…

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