Most Socially Relevant Horror Films

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Throughout cinematic history the horror genre has always served as a dark mirror of sorts, forcing society to look at what scares them most. No matter what dread or terror lingers in the minds of moviegoers, horror filmmakers have had the innate ability to find out what they are and force the audience to confront those fears. For further exploration of this here is my list of the most socially relevant horror films.


Dracula: It was 1931, and the Great Depression had settled in driving people into economic despair. All the while in Europe political turmoil was setting in presenting a dark omen of things to come. In cinemas, a novel by Bram Stoker was adapted to find a new and more contemporary audience. Dracula told the story of an aristocrat from Eastern Europe who left his homeland for a new killing field. The picture was a hit, not only…

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