Online multiplayer? Sorry that’s not legal tender – how online competition trades in a foreign currency


PolariumI’ve never paid for a day of Xbox Live Gold  in my life.  It looks weird to see that written down, given the ridiculously important role online implementation and features have played in defining consoles in recent years, but it’s a truth I think is worth acknowledging publicly.  Games have moved on but what’s become abundantly clear is that I haven’t.

When I think about how games have changed over the years I get a bit excited.  The technological jumps they’ve made, the amazingly intelligent thought being put into how they’re made, and the fact that there are people going to painstaking efforts to recreate the real world down to the finest levels of detail.  Games quite simply aren’t the things that they once were, and if I could bring the childhood version of myself forward in time to play the games I’m enjoying as an adult, I can only…

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