2006: A Spatial Odyssey – how objectivity is ruining the Nintendo Wii’s legacy


I’ll never forget the summer of 2006-07. I remember day after day of 40 degree weather making it impossible to keep cool.  I remember sleepless nights tossing and turning in a loft apartment that practically transformed into an oven throughout the course of the day.  I remember my first Christmas away from home and eating a roast turkey sitting on the floor of our still rather empty apartment.

But most of all I remember that first summer with the Nintendo Wii.

NintendoWiiBy the time the launch of the Wii rolled around in November 2006 it felt like anticipation for the launch of the console formerly known as the Revolution had been building for decades.  We’d known for a couple of years that it was going to be heavily focused on motion control, but exactly what that meant was a nebulous concept that was so bloody hard to grasp that it…

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