Album Review: “Alien Love Secrets” Steve Vai

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This astounding Long Island guitarist Steve Vai much like shredders Joe Satriani of Chickenfoot and John Petrucci of Dream Theater, has received critical acclaim.  Being the second EP of Vai’s highly composed work, some songs prove otherwise his head and hands work well joined to make lasting impressions to the listener.  “Bad Horsie” is a fluid beyond a reasonable doubt of Steve’s playing technique.  The heavy distortion added with a some elements of Eddie Van Halen double tapping speaks for itself.  Also, “Juice” is somewhat atmospheric to Joe Satriani’s single “Satch Boogie.”  Perhaps instead of “Juice” it could have been “Steve Boogie,” but I guess that did not come to mind. But disaster strikes. “Ya-Yo Gakk” seems more like a children’s song.  No way should someone have to listen to good music and go through misunderstanding with that disastrous tune of lyrics.  Nevertheless, enjoy the album and prepare for the…

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