Keep Austin Reading Weird 2015


weird sign

Keep Austin Weird is a familiar and apropos motto here in Austin. In BookKids, we even have a weird picture book section. Books get shelved in weird if they are just a little off beat for some reason. It could be the artwork, story, format, or the general “feel” of the book that gets it shelved in that section. It’s a small section, but well-curated, varied, and the perfect place to browse if you’re looking for a not-your-ordinary picture book.

curious display

Every year around SXSW time, we do our part to show visitors that in Austin we even like our books weird. Books showcased come from the weird section, but also from other sections all over BookKids. There is a little bit of weird everywhere. Our weird display, which has the official title of “Curiouser & Curiouser,” goes up front and center at the entrance to BookKids. Here are a few…

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