My Favorite Dragon Age Character, Iron Bull

Comparative Geeks

I am slow when playing video games so I have been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition since January and I still have not finished yet (even though I have over 60 hours of play time). At the same time I have discovered my favorite character is Iron Bull. Iron Bull is a Qunari, agent of the Ben-Hassrath (a Qunari spy agency), as well as the leader of a band of mercenaries called the Bull’s Chargers. Part of what makes Iron Bull so interesting is that he is very different from other Qunari that you have met in early Dragon Age games. Usually the Qunari are so serious, but Iron Bull just has such a sense of humor, but still respectful, of the Qun in general and of other people. Some of my favorite interactions in the game have come from Iron Bull and he honestly presents some of the most progressive…

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