The Geekery Guide: Who is the Doctor?

Funk's House of Geekery

In our series that brings you up to speed with a range of interesting geeky icons we’ve looked at Cthulhu and Ultron. Today we turn our attention to one of the longest running sci-fi stories of all time. The unlikely British hero: The Doctor.

uktv-doctor-who-promo The one on the right.

In a Sentence: The Doctor is the alias of a humanoid alien who travels through space and time in a ship resembling an English Police Box, usually with some human companions for company.

The Backstory

Back in the 1960s the brash, outspoken Canadian Head of Programming for BBC1 Sydney Newman wanted to put together a show that would appeal to children while providing some educational value. The time travel motif was introduced early to provide a basis for characters to visit historical events and science concepts, with the first story involving the titular time traveller taking his teenage grand-daughter and two…

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