FIGHT LIKE A GIRL has a nice cover, too!

Memories of Shibuya

The official cover art for Saku’s first full-length, coming out April 29th (mark your calendars!) on Space Shower Music, has just been revealed – and it would seem that the days of Saku album covers with endearingly sloppy illustrations instead of photos are dead and gone. They shall not be mourned, as the alternative is preferable by an incredibly wide margin. FIGHT LIKE A GIRL promises to be quite the album, with Saku’s new backing band consisting of Shibuya-kei veteran Hideki Kaji on bass, Hirohisa Horie on keys, Shuuichirou Satou of Analogfish drumming and WATARU.S of SISTERJET on guitar (although Saku will, presumably, be playing lead as per usual). It’s one hell of a lineup, and there could be no better frontwoman for such a group than the endlessly charming Saku.

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