New Details of ‘Age of Ultron’ (We Learned From LEGO)

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For those out there who stopped playing with LEGO when they became adults, you may be surprised to see how many licensed brands they’ve got under their belt. Disney, DC Comics, Pirates of Caribbean, The Lone Ranger, Speed Racer, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter…roughly a third of their output comes from their licensed products. Chief among them is the Marvel sets that included the release of The Avengers themed sets in 2012. 

There was a slight problem though. The sets appeared before the movie’s released and one showed Hawkeye driving a jeep with Loki in the back, hinting at a key plot point. This happened again with Iron Man 3 with a set depicting the destruction of Tony Stark’s mansion by helicopter attack with Pepper wears the Iron Man suit, and one with a firey Aldrich Killian as a villain. Again, they were available for sale before the movie was released.

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