The Live Action ‘Cinderella’ Is Monumentally Pointless

Funk's House of Geekery

Film has to have a purpose. A full length feature film is a very expensive project. Even those low budget indie films require big chunks of cash and crowds of people to accomplish. During my less cynical moments I’d like to think people invest time, money and their artistic selves into a film for more than the bottom line of a business. They want to tell a story, they have an artistic vision, they want to challenge people, they want to inspire people…something other than turning a profit.

If you take out money as motivation then the new Disney version of Cinderella is entirely pointless. I’m pretty sure the pitch to the studio was a blank page sprinkled with glitter.


Important note here: I am clearly not the intended audience for this movie. I’m the wrong age, I’m the wrong interest group and I am equipped with the entirely wrong…

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