When Did We Stop Listening To People’s Words And Listen To Their Reputations Instead ?

Don Charisma

I’m curious due to occasional comments I get on the famous people’s quotes that I post, where people seem more concerned with discussing the person, than what the person actually said …


Do we judge first and listen later, or listen first and judge later ?

Can a person who’s a jerk, or an asshole, or we don’t like for some reason or another, actually say something wise, helpful, useful or worthwhile, or do we just filter out everything they say ?

And conversely do we listen to (and believe) complete bullshit and rubbish from people who we hold in high esteem ?

And how would you like it if people didn’t listen to your actual words, but filtered it through a judgement about you ?

Do we let our prejudice and hate get in the way of reason and rational learning ?

When you judge another, you do not…

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