Censorship In Action – The Awful New WordPress Editor

Don Charisma

You certainly do need a good sense of humour in the WordPress.com support forums … hypocrisy, censorship, infighting … you can see it all there on any given day … more like a schoolyard than a forum for grown up people …


I just had my comment deleted in the forums – for simply factually stating my opinion about the new WordPress editor, and the conversation they’d had about it. Up until that point I didn’t have a particularly strong feeling about it either way, but delete my comment, censor me, and I sure do start having a strong opinion.

The “Beep Beep Boop” new quote ‘improved’ editor, simply isn’t improved. AND MANY PEOPLE HAVE COMPLAINED ABOUT IT. It’s a big deal in the forums and people keep on opening threads. I don’t really understand why WordPress don’t listen, and continue to try to railroad people into using it. For…

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