Science Fiction Today – Corporations

Comparative Geeks

CWhile they often get a bad rap in today’s world for being too big and powerful, they usually get an even worse rap in the future – having spread beyond national boundaries and governmental controls. I’m of course talking about Corporations. Love ‘em, work for ‘em (and therefore can’t express an opinion), or hate ‘em, Corporations are a fact of modern life.

Corporations are not inherently evil, but instead are dictated by a whole lot of people’s opinions and choices, between management, share holders, and all the individual actions of the employees. Just to throw out one really recent example of how a Corporation can be an interesting entity, take Starbucks – between their #RaceTogether initiative, and their support of same sex marriage in their home state of Washington, they’ve gotten a whole lot of press, and a whole lot of people both for and against them. Big actions, big…

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