My opinion on why we haven’t had a proper Batman TV series since the ’60s

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Welcome back to my blog.

Do you know what I find weird when it comes to TV shows based on DC Comics? That all the series related to Superman feature Clark Kent as the main character (the upcoming Supergirl will break this rule), whereas the only Batman-related series (out of three) that actually focuses on the caped crusader is the one from the ’60s.

I mean: not only the superhero genre has gained more and more popularity, but Batman itself is constantly proving that is a cash cow, given the large success of cartoons, videogames and movies dedicated to him.

So … why hasn’t he had a TV Series that focused on him since the ’60s? (Gotham is Batman-related, but Bruce Wayne is still a kid, so this isn’t an actual Batman TV show)

The answers, according to me, are three, so I will now tell you my opinion, hoping…

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