Steve(n) W. Has Studied The Scarlet Gospels, Soul Is Lost (A Review)


In 1986, Clive Barker got his hooks into the fabric of our reality and ripped our fragile, human world to ribbons, revealing a gruesome order of otherworldly, psychosexual monks known simply as the Cenobites. Since their initial appearance in The Hellbound Heart, their scarified and ecstatic visages have haunted the world’s nightmares through the Hellraiserfilm franchise and graphic novel series. Now, in 2015, the visionary puppeteer of the macabre leads us one final time down the road to Hell in the concluding chapter of the saga of the Cenobites.

The Scarlet Gospels reintroduces the tortured priest – known as Pinhead to the uninitiated – as he wrests control of Hell from the devil himself. In a secret room littered with the mutilated remains of wicked magicians, a puzzle box chimes atonally as it solves itself alone on the floor. A horrible bell sounds in the distance, signaling…

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